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CP Personnel also work with qualified candidates by conducting proactive job searches on your behalf.

Advancing Your Career

At CP Personnel we acknowledge that your career is a major governing aspect that influences your future prosperity and lifestyle. We are also more than aware that changing jobs can be an arduous and stressful process as a result. This knowledge in hand, we go out of our way to help make your job search a simple stress free as we can.

So how can we help?

  1. Your resume is your personal brochure that represents you to a potential employer. It must be concise, informative and professionally presented, to be effective. Please feel free to register with us and request a free appraisal of your resume.
  2. Let us take the drudgery our of your job search, CP Personnel are happy to work with approved candidates to proactively find you your next great career move. Please feel free to register with us and request eligibility for this program.
  3. CP Personnel will work you through the application and interview stages of your job search, to ensure your credentials and personal presentation give you the best possible chance of success.


Featured Jobs

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In the meanwhile please check out open vacancies at the “Job Serach” dropdown under our “For Candidates” page

Help us find you

The facts are that the dream job or perfect career opportunity is not always around when you need it! So why not sit back and let it come to you?

So how do you participate?

  1. By registering with CP Personnel and following us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you can receive notifications whenever opportunities in your field arise.
  2. After registering with us make sure you log back into your account and update your Resume and contact details and check all keywords that are appropriate to your location, qualifications, skills, job expectation etc, that apply to you.
  3. Check the appropriate job alerts under the “Job” tab and you will be emailed new openings in your sector.
  4. Make sure you update your account when your employment situation, residential location and contact details change.

All you have to do then is sit back and wait till the right job is featured. When it does, simply advise us of your interest and we will then be happy to process your application.

Your Career Support

At CP Personnel we take great care to provide you with the tools you require that will make your job search more effective. Whether you are a first-time job seeker or moving into the next stage of your career, CP Personnel is committed to helping you find a job that suits you.

Our career support resources offer guidance on resume writing, preparing for interviews as well as advice on making the most of your assignments should you wish to pursue temporary employment.